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Export Controls

Follow these guidelines regarding export controls in your research and travel for Saint Louis University. 

The United States federal government has laws and policies restricting exports of goods, technology, information and data that serve several purposes:

  1. To restrict exports of goods and technology that could contribute to the military potential of U.S. international adversaries.
  2. To prevent proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
  3. To advance U.S. foreign policy goals.
  4. To protect the U.S. economy and promote trade goals.

Although policies such as these have been in effect for many years, the events since 2001 have increased attention to exports controls, and all U.S. institutions must abide by these policies.

Refer to the export control policy and decision tree for information specific to your research.

International Travel

If you are traveling internationally, additional information is needed in order to help ensure the University is in compliance with current U.S. export control laws and regulations. Refer to the international travel guide for requirements for international travel. 

Please respond with the answers to the following questions to prior to leaving for your trip. If you have previously responded to the export control officer for this trip, you do not need to send responses.

  1. What information, materials or data (related to University business) will be 
    taken, shipped or shared outside the U.S.?
  2. Are you taking SLU equipment (i.e., laptop, tablet, GPS, etc.)? To expedite the process, if you are taking university technology, please list the type of technology (i.e., PC, Mac, Surface Pro).
  3. Does your technology have any software that is not mass market (Microsoft Office vs. encryption source code)? Are you currently testing software that you or a colleague has developed?
  4. Do you have any meetings planned with individuals/companies for professional purposes outside of your University business?


What happens if I violate the export control laws?

The consequences for violating these laws are very serious for the researcher and the University. Fines can reach $1,000,000 and/or imprisonment for 10 years for individuals.

How can export controls affect my research?

Export control laws not only affect goods being shipped to foreign nations but also include the transfer of technical information and data, as well as information and technology to foreign nationals within United States borders. If deemed, your research may need to obtain prior governmental approval before any goods, services, technology, information or data are shipped to foreign nations or exposed to foreign nationals within the University.