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Students' Opportunity for Achievement and Resources

Please note that Saint Louis University's SOAR program is merging with Billikens' First Chapter to form RISE. RISE will support SLU undergraduate students who meet two of the following criteria: 

  • Be a first-generation college student
  • Be a federal Pell Grant recipient
  • Be registered with SLU's Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources
  • Identify as a member of a racially/ethnically minoritized population.

For more information, please email

The Students' Opportunity for Achievement and Resources (SOAR) Program works with first-generation college students, those who have received a Pell Grant, or students who have some disability throughout their time at Saint Louis University.

SLU's SOAR Program provides resources and services these students need on their path to college graduation and whatever lies beyond. We achieve this by taking a holistic approach, meeting the student at their level of need, providing intensive academic advising, advocating for and with them, developing a sense of educational responsibility within each student, and celebrating the milestones along the way.

Students are provided opportunities for cultural exploration, developing and furthering knowledge, forming relationships and personal growth.

We are a like-minded community of educators and learners working together toward the goal of college graduation for everyone in line with the mission of Pre-College, Access and TRIO Programs, the Division of Enrollment Management and Saint Louis University.

Some of our goals for our students include:

  • Successful transition to Saint Louis University
  • Academic success
  • Developing a sense of self
  • Making meaningful connections
  • Thinking about what comes after college
  • Graduation


We hope to answer some frequently asked questions about the SOAR Program. For more information, please feel free to contact us at

What resources are available through SOAR?
We have numerous resources and services available to SOAR participants. To learn more about each, visit the services section of our website.
Is there an application deadline?

No. We have a rolling deadline for applications. We serve about 200 students each year, so we will accept applications until we have filled our 200 spots. Once we are at capacity, we will still accept applications for a waitlist. If a student leaves SLU or chooses to leave the program, we can then accept students from the waitlist.

Do I need to re-apply to the program every year?

No. Once you've applied to SOAR and been accepted, you can remain in the program until graduation. However, if you leave SLU, become inactive or don't take advantage of our available resources, you might be removed from the program.

How do I make an appointment with an advisor?

The best way to schedule an appointment is through EAB Navigate, but you can also schedule an appointment by emailing your SOAR advisor, calling our front desk at 314-977-2930, or stopping in and making one in person.

Where do I get my registration PIN?
Your early registration PIN will be emailed to you by the Office of the Registrar. If you have not received an email with your early registration PIN, please let your SOAR advisor know, and they will check for you.
I have a hold on my account that won't let me register. What do I do?

You will need to resolve whatever issue generated the hold. If it's from Student Health, you must contact them to get the hold lifted. If it's because of an unpaid balance, you'll need to work with Student Financial Services and the Cashier's Office to get the hold resolved. Unsure what type of hold you have exactly? Visit the Registrar's website for more information on each type of hold and how to resolve it.

I'm a parent or family member. Can you tell me about my student's grades and courses?
The answer to this will depend on what type of FERPA access your student has granted you (FERPA stands for the Federal Education Rights Protection Act). If your student has not granted you any FERPA access, then we cannot discuss your student's academic record with you. Ultimately, we strongly urge you to have these discussions with your student before having them with us. We are happy to help as much as possible but must comply with the law.

Learn More About FERPA and SLU