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School of Education Partners with Confluence Preparatory Academy for Summer Program


Saint Louis University's School of Education is pleased to partner this summer with Confluence Preparatory Academy (CPA). Confluence Preparatory Academy, a St. Louis high school that is a member of a collaborative network of unique schools in an urban setting, is dedicated to providing educational experiences to its students. In their mission to raise up students with creativity, critical thinking skills, and empathy, CPA wants to develop lifelong learners who invest in their community and future.

In pursuit of this mission, the faculty at Confluence Preparatory Academy and SLU’s School of Education created a summer college program, allowing students to see four-year universities in St. Louis. Throughout June, advanced sophomores, juniors, and seniors from CPA can visit various universities throughout St. Louis and earn high school credit. For the past three years, Saint Louis University has had the privilege of hosting these talented students on campus. Starting with SLU’s School of Education, these learners can tour campus, earn elective high school credits, and talk face-to-face with university professors.

“The kids are able to see that college professors are just normal people. They get a chance to see that college isn’t boring, and to dabble in everything that SLU has to offer.”

Dayle Burgdorf, principal of Confluence Preparatory Academy

Through this summer program, Confluence Preparatory hopes to foster a sense of community in its students and break down barriers to transition students from high school to college in an urban setting. Making memories on campus is an opportunity for high schoolers to see with their own eyes what their future could look like – right here in St. Louis.

“We want to prepare students for Saint Louis University,” says Ryan Wilson, program coordinator for community projects at SLU, “because if students are prepared for SLU, they’re prepared for the next step in their education.”