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The Walter J. Ong, S.J., Center for Digital Humanities

Digital humanities is a theory and a practice of using digital tools to conduct and present humanities research.


The Saint Louis University Walter J. Ong Center for Digital Humanities (OngCDH) is a multidisciplinary center that promotes creativity, innovative scholarship, excellence in teaching, and service to the community, through fostering collaborative engagement with the digital humanities. The center supports faculty and students in the College of Arts and Sciences by organizing and sponsoring conferences, lectures, workshops, and seminars; providing individual mentorship and guidance; and by facilitating access to information resources. OngCDH is dedicated to diversity, equity, and social responsibility.

Students view a projected image in a digital humanities classroom

OngCDH supports and advocates for research excellence, scholarship and service to the community in the domain of the Digital Humanities

The center’s main objectives therefore are discrete and overlapping:

  • Enhance access to the Digital Humanities
  • Build collaborations with academic departments, the library, and other support units at SLU
  • Showcase Digital Humanities scholarship
  • Provide support for Digital Humanities research and pedagogy


The Walter J. Ong, S.J., Center for Digital Humanities is an academic unit of the College of Arts and Sciences. We are supported in part by a generous grant from the ICF Foundation in order to further the distinguished legacy of Walter J. Ong, a long-term faculty member at Saint Louis University.

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